Cartridge Unit Bearings

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To use cartridge bearings, the hubs must have been designed to use them (absurd kludges aside). Your hubs will almost surely be classic cup-and-cone hubs, and those will need replacement bearings. However, do note that the proper number of bearings for a hub is not necessarily a number that completely 'fills' the cup bearing race.Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Unit. A new standard in performance, Timken Type E tapered roller bearing housed units are ideal for fixed positions, withstanding the most demanding conditions with less downtime and maintenance.


The brand of mounted ball and roller bearings is designed for optimal performance with patented features to keep contaminants out and allow bearings to run in the toughest of environments. The SealMaster mounted bearing is an excellent choice for unit and bulk handling, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and the water and wastewater industries.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
LINK BELT CSEB224B28E7 Cartridge Unit Bearings 878 mm 20 r/min 6 mm 15 mm
LINK BELT CSEB22655HK54 Cartridge Unit Bearings 3.00 mm 1.00 mm 1600 rpm 325000 N
LINK BELT CSEB22631E7 Cartridge Unit Bearings 3400 rpm 35500 N 6700 rpm 115.0000 mm
LINK BELT CSEB224B28E Cartridge Unit Bearings M 42x3 104 mm 7 ° 0.6 mm
LINK BELT CSEB224M30H Cartridge Unit Bearings 3.9 mm 15 ° 500 N/mm² 0.6 mm
LINK BELT CSEB22531H Cartridge Unit Bearings 0.04 kg 20 mm 25 mm 0.3 mm
LINK BELT CSEB22543E7 Cartridge Unit Bearings 13101 kN 0.3 22400 kN 1510 kg
LINK BELT CSEB224B24E7 Cartridge Unit Bearings 419.1 mm 2 x SR-1522 5 203.4 N·m
LINK BELT CB224M45H Cartridge Unit Bearings 179.476 mm 180 mm 28.042 mm 6.8 kg
LINK BELT CSEB22439E Cartridge Unit Bearings 2410 kN 200 mm 218.170 kN 340 mm
LINK BELT CSEB22432H18W4 Cartridge Unit Bearings 11.1 mm 7.9 mm Stainless Steel 0.32 kg
LINK BELT CB22447E Cartridge Unit Bearings 0.0012 kg 0.015 0.006 kN 7.4