Cam Follower and Track Roller - Yoke Type

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Cam followers are a specific type of needle or roller bearing that, as the name suggests, follow cams. We carry a wide variety of cam follower designs made of various materials, and we will help you to choose the best types for your applications. Stud Type . Stud type cam followers are track rollers complete with a stud instead of an inner ring.Cam follower roller bearings are specifically designed to follow cams or tracks on a wide range of linear motion systems. They can be used on conveyors and process transfer lines in many different industries.


Stud-Mount Cam Followers. A cam follower roller bearing follows a track or cam. While most stud-type cam followers utilize a standard-sized mounting stud, the use of heavier studs allows the cam follower to handle larger static loads. When compared to yoke-type cam followers, stud-type cam followers offer greater versatility.